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I was born and live in Mexico City until 2014, my wife and my family of Canadian nationality were the reason for me to come to Canada where I now live happily.


My Career started in Mexico as director and coordinator of Fashion Shootings, something that is not so common to do where I am currently living. Not finding options for fashion shootings, I decided to study everything related to weddings, from the best photography and lighting techniques to knowing how to address brides and grooms in the correct way. That's how in 2015 I had my first wedding and now I have captured approximately 160 events and about 40 engagement sessions.


When I decided to do wedding photography the first thing that inspired me was remembering the sentimental value, and the fun factor that my photographer achieved in my own wedding. I love taking photos that reflected real moments with photojournalistic touch.


Having lived in Mexico and having traveled through different countries has opened my imagination and creativity to achieve images with colors, textures and visual richness that transcend generations and that are not just a passing trend. I am sure you have seen so much photos with filters but that is not my style, my style is to compose images that can show the real colours 


I must confess that there are moments during weddings that touch my emotions deeply. As a human being, I am very moved by the things I see at weddings and therefore it is my goal not to miss moments that sometimes pass in mini seconds. I don't like to let go of my camera or stop taking photos because I know that something can happen at any moment. and I want to be ready to press the button and freeze what moves anyone's emotions.


My favorite photo from my wedding is a photo that was taken at the exit of the ceremony where I saw my grandfather there on the side and I was very moved to see him because I had never met him in the past until that day, he was there stating up waiting to say hi to me. Of course, I couldn't resist the tears and that moment was thanks to my photographer beautifully captured 



The number 1 thing I like to learn is the vision of my couples when they first reach out. Although I do wedding photography almost every weekend during May through October and some days in the winter, each wedding is different in its people, its colors, and its ambiance. Me and the team like to work in making images that reflect your vision and what you specially planned for your wedding day.

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