I am professional wedding photographer with more than 10 years of experience. Although I do most of my work in Ottawa and Montreal, I am also available for weddings anywhere in Canada, United States, Mexico and the Caribbean



"This is the day you have been planning for and dreaming of. Your favorite people in the world are gathering, the dance floor is waiting, the champagne is chilled. Every little detail has been tended to and now it’s time to walk down the aisle and join forces with your one true love. You will remember these moments for the rest of your life; the family, the friends, the cake, the music, the tears and the laughter"

You deserve to have this beautiful experience thoughtfully documented as you share the story of your wedding with family and friends in the decades to come. I will take the time to really listen to your inspirations and  the things that matter to you . 

Let me document your story in such a way that when you see your photographs you will be able to truly relive the beautiful and unique story of your wedding day.


I feel a great responsibility to  follow the pre-established agenda of the day. For this reason I follow  these important steps before the wedding day: 

- Visit the places where the wedding will be held and where we will do the photo session. I take notes and photos for my file.

- Discuss with the wedding coordinators times and place where things will be happening during the wedding , I don't want to miss any epic moment. 


- Make a plan that will help us to stay on time.

Feel free to contact me for any question or to request a personal meeting.


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