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safety guidelines

during Covid - 19

At this moment in which we are, it is very important for me to take care of my family and your family as well.


Since the pandemic began, I have been following the safety instructions that our local authorities have implemented.


Only a few days ago it was said that the meetings should be continued but with a limited number of people, which is why many small weddings are already been held.


We must still be very careful, these are my safety guidelines that I and my team follow:

  1. Before packing my equipment, I disinfect everything.

  2. I take care that my personal hygiene is impeccable.

  3. When I arrive at the event I do not try to shake hands but I do say hello just waving my hand

  4. I keep at least 3 meters away from the couple and the guests. The lens I use goes from 70mm to 200mm and it allows me to take photos from a good distance. 

  5. I keep disinfecting my hands constantly.

  6. I don't touch anything that doesn't belong to me.

  7. At the end of the event I give thanks and just say goodbye again just waving my hand at the distance.

  8. When I get home, I disinfect my equipment.

  9. While I am not working I maintain myself at home.

Thank you and stay safe

Alberto Ponce 

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