It was the year 1996 when I first put a step on a Fashion Photographer's studio, I was 16th years old.


At that time my mother was in charge on producing a Lingerie Catalogue. I still remember her words: "son, you better get comfortable in this environment of models, make up artists and flashes because ths might be your job one day. 

My mother was right,  6 years later I was in charge of my first fashion production and the rest is history.


Since I started working behind the scenes of fashion productions I understood the importance of posing and the impact that create a good or a bad pose.  


As photographer I just didn't learned from amazing models, I also studied the science of posing from one of the greatest photographers " Roberto Valenzuela". Today I want to help new models, brides, and anybody that wants to have a beautiful portrait photograph. 

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Kaleigh Allard

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